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Electric scooters as a fast, green and efficient solution in a city

Living in a city is great, but it also brings a lot of frustrations with it, such as depending on the public transport, slowly walking people in front of you when you are in a hurry, and walkin a lot (on those killer heels too, auwch!). You know what I am talking about, right? Are you as desperate as me for an effective solution? I tested out electric scooters for you! Keep reading.

I would walk 500 miles… 

Living in Madrid means walking a lot for me. Everything is close, yet so far away from each other. Very often, I feel so exhausted after walking around in the city and then I check the distance I’ve walked that day. According to my health app on my iPhone, I walk between 5  and 10 kilometers EVERY DAY. However, days of 15 kilometers are no exception. When you have slow walkers in front of you then, I can assure you that you get frustrated. Also, I prefer not to take the public transport because I prefer to be outside and enjoy the outside air and the atmosphere of the city. I think almost everyone living in a city will agree with me. 

Two options for using electric scooters

So, my solution to move around the city in a fast and efficient way? The electric scooters of course! They are not only fast, they are also flexible, easy to park, etc. I can only see advantages! There are two options for using electric scooters. You rent one or you buy one. It’s as simple as that.

Rent an electric scooter

Firstly, I would like to explain you the option that I chose: I tried out renting Lime Electric Scooters in Madrid, and it’s very easy! Let me explain you how it works below.
  • Step 1: Download the Lime app on your mobile
  • Step 2: Go to an available electric scooter in your neighbourhood using the application’s GPS system and scan the QR code on the scooter with the app.
  • Step 3: Fill in your credit card data. This step is only necessary for the first use of the app. How much does it cost? Well, it’s only €1 to unlock the electric scooter, and then you pay a small fee per minute. This price differs per area. 
  • Step 4: Press down the throttle of the electric scooter to start the fun!
  • Step 5: Park your electric scooter and don’t forget to lock it at the end of your trip using your app!
In conclusion: It is fun, it is fast and it is easy! You don’t need more right?!

Buy an electric scooter

Then, there is another option I told you about: buying your own electric scooter. No need to go look for an available scooter using an application, you just have it with you! It is also very easy to carry with you and you can use it for a long time before the battery dies. Next, you just charge it at home, et voilà, you’re good to go again! After some market research, I found out that the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter is one of the better options to buy. It is quite an investment, but it is totally worth it; you don’t have to invest in a public transport card, don’t have to pay for a parking spot, and you can move around easily in a fast, fun and efficient way. 
Let’s all just use electric scooters from now on, think about the environment, and get rid of our frustrations in a city! 

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