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Zaful bikinis review

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A few days ago, I posted a picture of my new bikinis on Instagram and Facebook. Since I got a lot of questions about my order, I decided to write a Zaful bikinis review.

The order on Zaful

I didn’t know about Zaful¬†but after searching for bikinis on the internet, Facebook obviously showed me an ad about it. I decided to take a look because I couldn’t find a bikini I really liked. On the site I found soooo much bikinis and I didn’t want to choose, especially not when I saw the prices: every bikini costs between ‚ā¨5 and ‚ā¨25.

Finally, I took a decision and bought two bikinis: a pink one and a white one with flowers. I had for more than ‚ā¨30, so the shipping was free! Two weeks later, the order was delivered to my house.

The bikinis

Of course, I immediately tried the bikinis on when they arrived. The result? Thanks to the size guides on the website, they fit exactly as I hoped for!!! I was so happy because it’s not easy to find beautiful bikinis that fit me.¬†

I also did a quick quality check, and in my opinion the quality is pretty good. But I don’t think you need to expect the high quality of a ‚ā¨500 bikini. I think you pay for what you get there. And the thing is: when you get tired of your bikini, you can throw it away and buy another one on Zaful. Also the colors are the same as in the pictures, so I am very happy with the colors I chose.

A negative thing about the bikinis is the fact that there is not a lot of support for your boobs. I have a quite regular size and I am happy I don’t have bigger boobs, because otherwise I wouldn’t want to wear these bikinis. There is only a pad, that’s it. So I would say the bikinis are perfect for girls/women with size A – C (and a small D).

So this was my Zaful bikinis review. I am very happy with my order and I will definitely order again there. They give good value for the rather small amount of money and that is what matters most. Also the sizes correspond with the size guides on the Zaful website.

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