Save my bag

Save my bag

Hi there sweeties!¬†ūüėė

Did you ever fall in love with a handbag?¬†If the answer is yes continue below, if not… you will now!

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went shopping to relax a little bit from the exams. We went to GALERIA Inno in Mechelen and I immediately fell in love with some handbags of the brand¬†Save My Bag. Of course,¬†I couldn’t resist taking a look at the price. That¬†moment, two¬†handbags were sold: a pink one for me, and a grey one for the sweetest sister in the whole world.

This is only a standard handbag‘, I hear you thinking. Yes! That’s true, but the Save My Bag-handbags are¬†made out of¬†50% polyester, 40% polyamide and 10% spandex. This means you can put them in the washing machine (on hand wash) whenever they are dirty. They are even rain proof, so its content won’t get wet when it rains.¬†Isn’t that amazing?

The prices of these beauties vary between ‚ā¨74,00 and ‚ā¨100,00 and in my opinion they are absolutely worth it! They¬†are very easy to use and the fact that you can put them in the washing machine is a big advantage.

Buy the Save My Bag-handbag here!

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