One size fits all jeans

Is this the real life? A one size fits all jeans?

A jeans that fits everyone? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Am I the only person who feels like buying a new jeans is torture? I guess not… I believe every girl (and boy) is struggling when buying a new jeans: too tight for your bips, to loose on your belly, love handles hanging over the belt, etc. Honestly, who does not have any problems with this? I tried to find a solution and bought a pair of One Size Fits All jeans from Tiffosi. You curious yet?

Buying a new jeans = horror!

Finding the right jeans has always been a huge challenge for me. I am quite tall and skinny, have quite an ass and have super skinny ankles, and even though I am skinny, I have a pair of love handles taking care of my female body. Does that bother me? Not at all, until I have to buy a jeans!! Once I find the perfect one in the store, my enthusiasm does not last long when I wear it in my daily life for the first time. Then I always realise my purchase was a big mistake.
However, I started doing some research on the internet and I found out that, obviously, a lot of other women also felt tortured when they had to buy a new jeans. Then I read about the One Size Fits All jeans from Tiffosi. “Interesting”, I thought, and started watching YouTube videos on the topic. It all looked so positive, so I decided to check it out myself.

My first experience with the Tiffosi One Size Fits All jeans

Two hours later I found myself in the fitting rooms of Tiffosi in Madrid. They let me try on the jeans before buying them. That already comforted me a little bit. First I tried on the One Size Up skinny jeans. It looked way too small, but it fit perfectly. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that my love handles were accentuated, so I asked for advice, and I was told to try on the One Size Double Up jeans. And yes, that one was sold! It feels like wearing a legging, but looks like a comfy jeans.

Is it really “One Size Fits All”?

Even after wearing the jeans for a couple of days and washing it, it still fits perfectly! This is amazing, but let me be honest with you: I don’t believe this jeans will fit for every type of body. They are supposed to fit EU size 34 – 42, but I think it will be too big for size 34 and too small for size 42. Everything depends on how your body is build!
I strongly recommend people with EU size 36 – 38 to buy this jeans because I believe it will fit perfectly! But if you have another size I would recommend you to try it on first, just to make sure. This one only cost me €59,99, which is not that bad for a great jeans! 
Want to buy it? I looked for a website that ships those jeans internationally. Check it out here
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