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I want to introduce you to one of my favorite fashion shops, named E-style.¬†This shop is very special because it’s an online shop on Facebook and on Storesquare¬†and enables you to¬†find the latest Italian and French fashion and accessoires.

[R-slider id=”6″]Erika is the owner of E-style. Before she started the shop, she had a nine to five job and could never find the time to go shopping. She realized she wasn’t the only woman with this problem and started her webshop in 2016. She wants everyone to be able to buy beautiful clothes after a long day of work, so she made a Facebook group where she sold some clothes and combined this with her daily job. After a while, E-Style became a big success and began selling the¬†clothes on Storesquare as well.

E-style delivers its packages to any location¬†you want. In Belgium you can choose for delivery with Bpost (‚ā¨5) or delivery in a Kiala point (‚ā¨4). When you want your order to be shipped to another country, the price is based¬†on Bpost’s prices.¬†

As if that isn’t enough, Erika organizes private sales. You can organize a ‘girls night’ with your friends and family and take a look at the collection. Then you have the opportunity to fit all the clothes you like. Perfect for the people who have doubts about buying clothes online.

My experience with E-style

I already bought quite some clothes since the start of E-style. I really like her collections (especially the new one) and the quality is very good as well. The collections are budgetproof, so everyone should be able to buy something there! In the pictures above, you can see some clothes of the beautiful collection. I am a big fan!
Another thing I like about E-style is the fact that you don’t see everyone with the same clothes you are wearing. The clothes are very unique, so the chance that you will find someone wearing the same clothes is very small.

The customer service of E-style is absolutely amazing. Erika is very kind and really cares about¬†her customers. She is very helpful and doesn’t intrude at all. It is fun to be in contact with her and I strongly believe that she will help you whenever you have a problem with one of her clothes.

If you want to follow E-Style’s activities, join the Facebook group or like her page to see the whole collection. You can also take a look at Storesquare!

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