A new method to whiten your teeth: Signal White Now Touch
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A new method to whiten your teeth – Signal White Now Touch

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You want a bright smile, but you can’t afford the methods to whiten your teeth? Or you don’t trust these teeth whitening methods? Signal White Now Touch should help! I got a lot of questions lately about the Signal White now touch, so I decided to go get the product and test it myself. It was hard to find for me, but I finally found one in Kruidvat.

How to use the Signal White Now Touch whitening pen? 

In fact, this new method to whiten your teeth is so easy! First, you have to shake your Signal White Now Touch whitening pen. Then simply click the button below and apply the product to your teeth. For your upper teeth, you should start from the top and go down with the product. When you apply the product to your lower teeth, you start at the bottom and bring your brush up. Let the product dry for one minute, et voilà, your teeth look whiter than ever!

I experienced the result is better when you dry your teeth before applying the product and when you put on a second layer. 

What I think of the Signal White Now Touch whitening pen: The new method to whiten your teeth.

I don’t have the whitest teeth, so I already tried some teeth whitening methods, but none of them really worked. I didn’t go on with these methods because I’m scared these things will have a negative impact on my teeth. When I saw a commercial on Signal White Now Touch, I really wanted to know if this worked!

When I got home with the Signal White Now Touch, I couldn’t wait to put it on and try it out.

The first thing I noticed is the fact that it smells like glue, but I applied it to my teeth anyway. I followed the steps I described before, and saw a little difference between before and after. It was not the difference I expected, but my smile was brighter than before. Mission accomplished! 

On the other hand, I had an odd feeling on my teeth during the whole day. It didn’t feel very natural. Also, when I accidentally touched my gums with the product it was quite sensitive.

My honest opinion? I think this new method to whiten your teeth is perfect for special occasions, but I wouldn’t use it every day. I didn’t like the unnatural feeling and I don’t know if my gums can handle it every day. 

Anyway, the Signal White Now Touch is affordable and easy to use, so if you have a party or a date, just use it. You have nothing to lose anyway!

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