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How to create natural eyebrows? – Kiko Hi-Brow Expert Eyebrow Kit

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In this blogpost I will give you some tips on how to create natural eyebrows using the Kiko Hi-Brow Expert Eyebrow Kit. This kit contains:

  • Setting wax
  • Four different brow stencils
  • Two shades of brow powder
  • Two shades of highlighter
  • An eyebrow brush

The reason I bought the Kiko Hi-Brow Expert Eyebrow Kit

One question you might ask yourself is: ‘She is a make-up artist, why does she need an eyebrow kit with stencils?’. Well, I bought this for my mom. She likes everything about make-up, but she wants it to look and feel very natural.
When I was in Milan, I entered the Kiko Milano store and found this eyebrow kit. It was quite cheap so I decided to buy it and give it to my mother.

How I create natural eyebrows using the eyebrow kit

I don’t use the eyebrow kit like as described in the manual as they tell you to apply the setting wax on your brows first, before applying the brow powder. I don’t use the setting wax, but immediately start applying the brow powder using the brush included in the kit. 

Before I do that, I use a small brush to set the eyebrows in place. I use the stencils to create the shape I like and I start with the angle. This is because the angle needs to be the most intense. Finally, I apply a small amount of highlighter underneath my brows. It doesn’t matter which one it is for me, so I alternate from time to time. For my mother, I use the matte highlighter because glitters will reinforce her wrinkles.

My conclusion?

I am very happy I bought this eyebrow kit. I think it can be very handy for the people who don’t have a lot of knowledge about make-up, or for the people who want to create a natural eyebrow. You have everything you need in one kit, and it isn’t expensive at all. It includes two shades of brow powder and two shades of highlighter, so everyone should be able to use it, regardless of the color or shape your natural brows have.

I am a big fan!

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