Tested for you: Is a makeup primer really necessary?
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Tested for you: Is a makeup primer really necessary?

Have you ever wondered if a makeup primer really is necessary? And what is it for? I asked these questions myself and I decided to test it all out! I created this blogpost based on the most important question in my head ‘Is a makeup primer really necessary?’.

What is a makeup primer?

A primer is a product that you can put on your face, eyes and lips as a base for foundation, eye shadow and lipstick. It should allow your makeup to be easier to apply and to last longer.

Is a makeup primer really necessary?

When I took makeup classes, I had two different teachers. One said a makeup primer really is necessary, while the other one said you shouldn’t use a (face) primer because it’s all about the money. Because of this, I asked myself ‘Is a makeup primer really necessary?’ and tested this out myself.

Face primer

Before, I always used a primer for the face, but once my second makeup teacher told me I didn’t have to use it, I stopped using a face primer. I tried both and didn’t really notice a difference, except for when someone’s pores are very open. My makeup stays as long as when I use a primer, so I should recommend you to hydrate your face very well before applying your makeup. Then you don’t need a face primer and you can spend your money on something else!

Eye primer

Since I started doing makeup, I always used an eye primer because my teachers told me to do it. Now I checked the difference with and without a primer myself, and I was really surprised. See the pictures below!

Is a makeup primer really necessary?

As you can see, the difference is huge between the picture with and without an eye primer. The colors are much brighter and they stay so much longer! You should definitely use an eye primer, whether it is for a daily makeup or for an evening makeup.

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Lip primer

Of course, I also tested the lip primer. I just used a primer and a lipstick for this picture, no lip pencil. I noticed a small difference between the pictures, but it was a little bit disappointing for me.

Is a makeup primer really necessary?

I used a shimmering lip primer, so that explains why the left arm is more matte than the right arm. However, the colors are a little bit brighter on the right arm, but it’s negligible. When I took the lipsticks off, the ones with the primer came off easier than the ones without the primer. Why? That’s a question I also ask myself! I am not convinced about the lip primer. Maybe I should buy another one, or maybe it just doesn’t

Do you like the shades? These are the colors from top to bottom:

  1. NYX 591 A
  2. Catrice Ultimate Colour 020
  3. Freedom Pro Lipstick Naked Real
  4. Sleek Reddy To Sail 086
  5. NYX 612
  6. Sleek Pout Paint 258 Rosette

My answer to the question ‘is a makeup primer really necessary?’ – YES
I absolutely recommend you to immediately buy an eye primer because it allows your shades to be brighter and to stay longer on your eyes! When your pores are very open, you should also use a face primer to equalize your skin. Last of all, I think you should have a matte lip primer in your makeup kit instead of a shiny one!

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