Isotretinoine review: A love-hate relationship
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Isotretinoïne: A love-hate relationship

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How are you all doing? In this blogpost I will give you an honest review about Isotretinoïne. These are medicines to cure acne.

If you’ve read my first blogpost, you know I suffer from acne since I was very young (if not, read it here). I tried everything to get rid of these horrible pimples, but nothing really worked. This is also where my make-up passion comes from. I wanted to know how you could conceal all these imperfections. You see, in everything bad, there is something good!

Isotretinoine review – A good start

In December 2016, I started taking Isotretinoïne. My dermatologist told me my skin and lips would dry out, so I had to hydrate my body constantly. I bought like seven different lip balms and use each one of them every day. If you want to know which lip balms I recommend, you can read it here. Furthermore, my doctor needs to check my blood every three months, because Isotretinoïne can cause liver problems and other problems in your blood. Also, I may not get pregnant while taking Isotretinoïne, because this will cause malformations to the child (not that I want to get pregnant haha!). Another thing I need to look out for is the sun, I will burn faster than before. Luckily enough, Belgium isn’t the country where you see the sun a lot.

Even though I followed my doctor’s advice to hydrate my skin and lips, in January (one month later) my lips were so dry and my nose peeled, but I was very happy because I almost immediately saw improvement of my acne. As the months went by, my skin started to get drier and drier, but the results of my blood were good so I went on with the medicines. 


In March, the dryness of my skin reached its peak. Whenever I smiled my lips just started bleeding, there were wounds on my hands, and worst of all: my eyes really hurt. First I thought I had a random allergic reaction on my eyes, so I went to the doctor with this problem. My doctor told me this pain was caused by Isotretinoïne, my eyes were hurting because of the dryness. I stopped the treatment until I had the results of my blood, which were good, so I started over one week later. I agreed with my dermatologist to take these pills every two days, instead of each day.

Now I have to apply eye drops in my eyes every day. Also I need to apply eye salve in my eyes every night, I need to put on moisturizing cremes on my face daily, I have to hydrate my hands constantly, and every ten minutes I put on lip balm and my lips are still cracking.

So this was my Isotretinoine review. As you can see, Isotretinoïne is a heavy medicine. I need to take it until September, so I still have a long way to go. One thing is sure: I won’t give up. It’s a very though period, but I want to get rid of my acne! I strongly recommend Isotretinoïne to everyone who suffers from acne, but you have to be aware that you have to deal with a lot of side effects and there is a little risk involved. You need to follow your doctor’s advice and take care of your body while taking it. I have a love-hate relationship with Isotretinoïne: I love the results, I hate the side effects.

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