Blond Me Instant Blush

Blond Me Instant Blush

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Have you ever wanted to dye your hair in a (crazy) pastel color? Probably! But… you’re not sure what color will fit you or how long it will last. What if you just want to dye your hair for a special occasion only? I did it for one day and I definitely recommend you to try Blond Me Instant Blush.

Why try ‘Blond Me Instant Blush’?

Blond Me Instant Blush is a spray you have to apply to your hair and only lasts until the next time you wash your hair. It is very easy to apply because you just have to spray it onto your hair.

My hairdresser sprayed it onto my hair and I immediately liked the product. You can use it in so many different ways! There are a lot of different colors you can choose from. Also, you can choose between different applications:
– Dye only one lock of hair
– Dye all of your hair
– Dye in layers

I chose the option to dye my hair in layers because I had to go to work in the afternoon. It was a very good choice since it resulted in a subtile shade of pink in my hair.

The product also has a similar function as a hairspray. It keeps your hair in place during the whole day!

Another thing I really liked about it is the fact that it really disappeared after I washed my hair. There was not one pink spot left!

I used the Blond Me Instant Blush Strawberry color. You can buy it here!

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