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Hair essentials: My all-time favorites

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In this blogpost I will tell you everything about my three favorite hair essentials and the reason why I love them, so keep reading!

I am a natural blondie, but I’ve started dyeing my hair when I was very young (fourteen or fifteen years old). I’ve had red, brown and almost every shade of blond. After having red and brown hair, I realized that¬†blondies really do have more fun.¬†

Because I dyed it a lot, my hair was (and still is) damaged. That is why last summer I decided to get my hair cut. This was a very good decision, but I realize I will always need to take good care of it. Because of that, I use the following products:

Schwarzkopf Blond Me Shampoo

The first product of my favorite hair essentials is the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Shampoo.
The Schwarzkopf Blond Me shampoo is made especially for blondies. I’ve been using the Blond Me shampoo for years now! A special thing about it is the fact that the shampoo creates an anti-yellow effect. I think it is amazing because my hair turns yellow pretty quickly, and when I use the Blond Me shampoo I immediately see the result. If you use the shampoo correctly, you have this cool icy blond hair. Another thing is the fact that it really takes care of your hair. Some people won’t even need a hair conditioner after using this Blond Me shampoo (unfortunately I do), because your hair is already smooth and soft.

You only need to use the Schwarzkopf Blond Me shampoo once a week, and the results are amazing! You just wash your hair the way you normally do, so first you wash it with a ‘normal’ shampoo. Then you take a little drop of the Blond Me shampoo and massage it into your hair. Make sure you have a little bit time when you use this, because you have to leave it¬†in your hair for about ten minutes. When the time is over, you rinse your hair and use your hair conditioner if you need this.

You can buy the Blond Me shampoo here for only ‚ā¨20,11 and I promise you will LOVE it. The fact that you only need a little drop of the shampoo and you only have to use it once a week, makes the investment all worth it!

Novocrin Hair End Fluid

Another one of my hair essentials is the Novocrin Hair End Fluid. You can compare this to an oil, but the difference is that your hair doesn’t feel greasy when you apply the Hair End Fluid. On the contrary, it still feels very natural, but your hair is so much softer and smoother. You only need a very small drop of the Hair End Fluid to apply on your ends when your hair is towel dry and that’s it! If you do this every time you’ve washed your hair, your hair will be healthier than ever in only a few days!

If you’re interested in the Novocrin Hair End Fluid, you can buy it here for only ‚ā¨10,98!¬†

LR Nova Pure Styling Re-Styler

The third hair essential I want to tell you about is the LR Nova Pure Styling Re-Styler. I bought this not so long ago, but it’s already my all-time favorite hair product.¬†

The LR Nova Pure Styling Re-Styler is meant to freshen up your hair whenever it’s necessary. It contains provitamin B5 which is an essential vitamin for hair growth and health. I use it the day after I washed my hair and I really couldn’t miss it anymore. You just need to spray the product into your hair, et voil√†… ¬†your hair is fresh and clean again. It smells good and feels very light! I am a big fan!

If you want to buy the LR Nova Pure Styling Re-Styler, click here or ask your LR-consultant! It’s only ‚ā¨11,99 and totally worth the money!

So this was my post about my three All-time favorite hair essentials! What do you think? Will you buy or use one of them? Let me know what you think!

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