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First blogpost EVER!

Hi there!

Welcome on my blog Belle et Bo and thank you for visiting!

Let me start by telling you something about myself and the purpose of this blog.

My name is Bo and I am 20 years old. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I was too afraid. Afraid of the reactions, afraid of not getting enough followers, afraid of the time I would need to ‘sacrifice’ doing it, … . Even when last year my boyfriend, Jonas, encouraged me to do so, I always had an excuse. Why did I finally take the big step? Well, because of a school project. I need to set goals for myself and I need to do something to achieve that goal. So now there is no way back and I have my own blog to “improve my English writing skills”.

What makes my blog different than other beauty/lifestyle/fashion blogs?

Since I was young, I suffered from acne and I’ve always had a very sensitive skin. The combination of those two isn’t very handy, so I am very critical when it comes to beauty products. I’ve tried a lot of different products and some were very good, others were immediately thrown away.
Now, I am 20 years old and I still suffer from acne. That is why I went to the doctor (once again, yes) a few months ago, and started to take pills that dehydrate my skin. Because of that, my lips and skin are very dry. This made that I wanted to inspire people with the same problems. I really want to help other people to find the best products for their skin (with or without acne, sensitive skin or not).

I think it is too bad to let this acne be a big influence in your life. Some girls don’t dare to wear make-up because they think that it will only get worse when they do. Well believe me, some make-up products don’t cause pimples at all. You just need to use the right products and you need to clean your face every night before you go to sleep (also with the right products of course!).

Because beauty, and make-up in particular, has always been my biggest passion, I took classes for nails (2 years ago) and make-up. In the weekends or after school, I like doing my friends’s and family’s nails and make-up. Another passion of mine is fashion. I like buying clothes and looking for clothes, accessoires and must-haves that other girls don’t have.
Does that mean that I am the best make-up artist in the whole world? Not at all! Neither am I the best nail artist, stylist, … in the world. I just want to share my experience with my favorite products and I will write reviews to let you all know what to use and what you shouldn’t use at all.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning: my sweet boyfriend for kind of pushing me into this, my dear friend Jany who created my logo, my best friends Brent and Yora for giving their ideas about my blog and for supporting me from day 0, and last of all my ‘crew’ (Pamela, Allyson, Jana, Beau and Chloë) for testing everything and giving their honest opinion and advice. 

I hope you like my blog and if you have recommendations, remarks, questions, or anything else please let me know by sending a message here or on social media.

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