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Winter blues – dry lips

Hi there!¬†ūüėė

January and February are the months of the dry and cracked lips… Horrible!
Like¬†you’ve read in my first post (if not, read it here), I need to take pills to cure my acne. Unfortunately, they dehydrate my skin and lips¬†which makes them¬†EXTRA dry at this moment.

Luckily I knew this was going to happen, so I decided to buy a lot of lip balms and try each one of them during the first month. My conclusion? Every lip balm has its own purpose in my life and I will show you my three favorite ones.

1. Avène РCold cream (severe dryness)
This is my favorite lip balm because it is my emergency lip cream. I only use it when my lips are too dry and really hurt. It is very easy to apply and you only need a small amount of cream. I always¬†carry it with me! I need to say that this cream isn’t made for lips that aren’t dry at all, because the texture is reeeeeaaaaaally greasy. I bought mine

2. Bodysol – Lip protect (SOS)
Bodysol Lip Protect SOS balm¬†is my basic lip balm. I use it like 20 times a day (yes literally!) to prevent my lips from drying out. Even though it says ‘SOS repair balm’, I don’t think this one will help in case of an emergency. You can compare it to a basic Labello stick. Perfect for everyone who wants to take care of their lips during the winter.

3. Blistex – MedPlus
The last lip balm I use daily is the
Blistex MedPlus lip balm. I use this before I go to sleep and put a thick layer of this balm on my lips. The next morning they feel soooo soft! When you apply this balm, you can feel your lips recovering instantly. The balm is also perfect for people with cracked and sore lips.

As you can see, I use these lip balms daily and cannot go a day without using one of them. I know… maybe this is a little bit extreme, but I can only recommend to use them as well!

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