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Hi there sweeties! 😘

Have you always wanted longer lashes, but you don’t really know all the options to extend them? I have the PERFECT solution for you! So keep reading, and I will tell you my little secret, hihi!

A few years ago, a friend of mine was learning how to apply lash extensions, so she asked me if I wanted to help her by being her model that day. Of course, I was very enthusiastic and took the chance to get amazing lashes. She did a very good job because I had the most perfect lashes 5 weeks long! I didn’t even need to put mascara on, so this was like a gift from heaven (see the picture below). Because I liked this a lot, I started looking around for a good offer, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything for my budget.

Even though I already have long lashes, they are not good enough for me: I really want them to be ‘on fleek’!  I looked at every possible option and found the perfect solution: LASHExtender by Divaderme – Lashes in a bottle. It is very easy to use and it doesn’t damage your own natural lashes.

How to use it?

First, apply a normal amount of mascara on one eye. It doesn’t matter which mascara you use because the effect will be the same. Next, take the LASHExtender and put on a little bit of the fibers on your lashes by using the mini applicator. Finally, apply another coat of mascara. Repeat this on your other eye, et voila… You have perfect lashes in no time! From my experience I can tell you that you should do this BEFORE doing the rest of your make-up, because the fibers might fall down and you may look very tired because of that.

The result?

LASHExtender Divaderme

As you can see, I only applied the LASHExtender on one eye to show you the difference with my natural lashes. The result is absolutely stunning! You have very long, thick and natural lashes in only two minutes! Best of all: you don’t damage your own lashes. 

Lashextender both eyes

Couldn’t be easier, right?
You can buy the Divaderme LASHExtender here for only 25 euros!

PS: I bought mine two years ago and I use it a lot, but there is still 3/4 left in my tube. 

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