Summer is almost over: Use body cream to hydrate your skin
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Summer is almost over: Use body cream to hydrate your skin

I am quite sad, because summer is almost over! Like always, I really enjoyed it, but my skin is not happy because I exposed it to so much sun this year. I think you all know the feeling, right? We will lose our tans very soon and we will remain with a very dry skin. The best solution for that? HYDRATE YOUR SKIN, USE BODY CREAM!

Body cream makes your tan stay longer and it helps your skin to keep hydrated. Also, your skin will thank you in 30 years if you keep hydrating it on a regular basis. I apply body cream almost every time after taking a shower, and I tested 4 products for you! In this blogpost I will tell you which one is my favourite. Let’s get started!

▴ Lush – Dream Cream (€19,95)

The first body cream I tested is the Lush Dream Cream. It is a natural, calming product. I think this cream is really great when your skin is SUPER dry or irritated, like during the summer! When you apply the cream on your skin, it feels a little bit thick, like an extra layer on your body. Another thing I don’t like about this cream is the smell, but that is something personal! A great thing about this body cream is the fact that you can feel your skin calm down. Also, you don’t need to use a lot of product, which makes that you can use the product for a very long time. I used this cream a lot when I had a sunburn. It was perfect in this scenario.

My score: 7/10

▴ Louis Widmer – Body Emulsion (€10,90)

I got a sample of the Louis Widmer Body Emulsion when I bought other Louis Widmer products in the pharmacy. I tried it immediately, and I came to the conclusion that this body cream is my all-time favourite. When you apply the body emulsion on your skin, it immediately absorbs the product and it feels like your skin can finally breathe again. It’s not sticky and the texture is very light.

My score: 9,5/10

▴ Cachet Cosmetics – Argan Body Cream (€29,95)

This body lotion gave me a lot of expectations, but couldn’t fulfill them. The texture is very thick and it feels like there is a layer on your skin during the whole day. Also, it is not easy to rub the product out on your skin. I think this is pretty sad, because it’s also the most expensive body cream I’ve tried. Anyway, it still hydrates your skin, right?

My score: 5/10

▴ Nivea – Body Milk (€7,99)

The classic Nivea Body Milk keeps one of my favourites. I think this body milk is great to keep nourishing your skin during the winter. I don’t think the Nivea body milk hydrates your skin enough when it’s suffering from all the sun and dryness, but I still do like it! Your skin absorbs the product easily and I don’t feel like there is an extra layer on my body. Another advantage is the price. This is the cheapest product compared to the other creams I wrote about in this post.

My score: 8/10

As you can see, I prefer the Body Emulsion from Louis Widmer, because my skin absorbs the product right after I applied it. All of the other creams are also very good for me, except for the Argan Body Cream from Cachet Cosmetics. This one feels like an extra layer on my body and I don’t feel comfortable after applying this cream.

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