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My name is Bo Machiels and I am a Belgian beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger. I was born in 1996, so you can count yourself how old I am 🙂 

In everyday life, I am the proud owner of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management – International Entrepreneurship. I obtained this degree at Thomas More University College in Mechelen, Belgium. At this very moment, I am doing a Master’s degree in Future Marketing & Communications at Global Business School Barcelona, in Madrid campus. At the same time, I am doing a voluntary internship as the community manager at Se Habla Español.

Beside my university studies, I have certified myself as a professional nail – and make-up artist.

Well, I am passionate about beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. This passion started many years ago, because I suffered from acne since I was very young and I’ve always had a very sensitive skin. I’ve always searched for ways to camouflage these imperfections, and that is why I got obsessed with beauty products in the first place.

I want to be a role model for the people who have the same “problems” I have. Furthermore, I want to be an inspiration for them and show them that you can put makeup on, even when you have a sensitive skin or acne.

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