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30 day challenge: 30 days of self tanner

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How are you all doing?

I just finished my first 30 day challenge: I put on self tanner during 30 days. Now I will tell you what I experienced!

30 days of self tanner: Am I going to be orange now?

During the first week of my 30 days , I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get a nice tan! I started very confidently and immediately booked some great results. Everyone was telling me I looked good because of my tan! But after this first week I was hoping it wouldn’t be too much at the end of the month! I didn’t want to end up orange.

Also, after this first week, I got tired of taking the time to put on the self tanner every.single.day.again. I didn’t find the courage and I almost forgot a few times to put it on. Sometimes, I had to get out of bed to put on my self tanner because I didn’t want this challenge to fail. Anyway, I continued using my self tanner and I looooved the results. I got a nice tan, but it looked so natural!

Crazy Angel Golden Tease Gradual Tan – My hero

For this challenge, I used the Crazy Angel Golden Tease Gradual Tan, which became my personal hero during these 30 days. I used this self tanner before, but now I used it on a daily basis, I can’t live without it anymore.

Even though one day I applied the product better than on the other day, I didn’t have ANY streaks during this whole month. This is quite impressive I think! Also, you get a natural glow using the Crazy Angel Golden Tease Gradual Tan.

I love this product, I love the fragrance, I love the results!
Also, I loved my 30 days of self tanner challenge! It was a very nice experience.

So, that was it for today! I’ve already started my next 30 day challenge: 30 days of no heat on my hair! I’m curious, you too?

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